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We live in a time of rapid development of modern technologies, providing us with great opportunities, while exposing us to harmful radiations (types of electromagnetic frequencies, EMF). Health experts and scientists around the world warn that humans are already exposed to cumulative sources of ​​electromagnetic radiation. All technical devices in our homes, offices, TVs, cell phones, computers, laptops, wi-fi wireless internet (2G, 3G, 4G), and even more devastating 5G, together with signal repeaters, radars, satellites, microwaves, air conditioners and other similar sources, cumulatively represent a growing health threat to all of us.

Technological revolution is moving faster than the ability of a human organism to adapt to complex new conditions and to develop adequate defenses against aggressive frequencies, which are not natural, so they quickly consume the precious energy of the body’s immune system. Therefore, we can conclude that the negative effects of radiation on human health accumulates over time.
The name of this invisible pollution is called Electro-smog (E-SMOG), causing a new group of human diseases, which modern medicine identified as Electromagnetic Stress.

Sophisticated nano technology has been specifically designed to neutralize the spectrum of harmful radiation. Now you can enjoy all the existing and future technical devices with much greater certainty while using the most efficient harmful radiation neutralizer – the “POZITRON PLUS”.

POZITRON PLUS is an innovative, highly sophisticated nano-technology product, programmed with frequency spectrum for vegetative nervous system. Primarily, it has a very stimulating, positive effect on breaking energy blocks in the human and animal organism, and thus greatly increases the energy flow of all organs and organ systems of man and animals. This helps us to achieve stronger immunity, boost resistance to many diseases, as well as resistance to pathogens in our environment. It also neutralizes the harmful radiation from technical devices (cell phones, computers, repeaters, WI-FI, 4G, 5G networks, etc.) by very high percentage (over 90%), thus ensuring a much safer use of present and future modern technologies. It has been tested on humans and animals (dogs, bees, chickens, cows) and has proven effective on all species tested.





  1. Neutralization of the pathogenicity of the wide spectre of harmful technical radiation (e.g. cell phones, repeaters, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G network).
  2. Neutralization of the pathogenicity of the wide spectre of harmful natural radiation (e.g. underground waters, Hartman’s radiation, Curry’s radiation).
  3. Increases the energy flow through all human organs and organic systems.
  4. Sends very strong positive energy to our living and working environment.


Pozitron Plus has been certified by reputable institutes and organizations such as Institute of Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology (BION), European Federation of Natural, Energy and Spiritual Medicine (EUNES), Croatian Association for Natural, Energy and Spiritual Medicine (HUPED).

Plasma Saal Health Center also tested this device on the BIO STAR biofeedback device, but it has undergone many other tests such as a live blood drop test – Darkfield microscopy (erythrocytes), a frequency test on a SENSITIVE AUDIT biofeedback device, PIP camera testing (London) which records the state of energy and the kinesiological balance and energy test.

You may choose from four types of device that vary in its range of operation:

  • POZITRON PLUS Mobile phone – operates within a 1-meter radius
  • POZITRON PLUS Personal –  operates within a 3-meter radius
  • POZITRON PLUS – operates within a 5-meter radius
  • POZITRON PLUS – operates within a 20-meter radius

Find out more about devices and prices at the website https://pozitronplus.com/

Or at https://youtu.be/zSZM4W94Zc4

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